Now I am reading books more than ever

It’s been three months now and I have read more books than what I did in the last one year before that . There are a couple of reasons why

1. I bought a kindle paperwhite three months ago

2. I challenged my philosophy of reading one book at a time

I have been reading kindle books for the past couple of years on my iPad, android phone and my laptop. I got the whole concept of carrying your library in your pocket a couple of years ago. I still read on my laptop, if I am learning a new programming language. It makes it easy for me to try some code out and then switch back to reading. For other stuff like fiction and non fiction I usually used my iPad or my Android phone if I was travelling without my iPad. Incidentally I was in the US last year for a short time and thought that the new Kindle paperwhite was a good deal and bought it. I am not going to give the usual reason that since there is no backlight glare in the paperwhite, I have started reading more books. For me, if I am reading on the paperwhite, there are no distractions like checking my email, facebook, twitter, Hacker news or playing Subway Surfers. Yes there is a browser, but browsing in black and white is not such a great experience. This really helps me get through books faster. The kindle is just an example, any dedicated e-book reader (not a tablet) would have done the trick. The great backlight and reading experience on the kindle is a bonus. 

The other accelerator for me was that I challenged my superstitious notion of finishing a book and then moving on to the next one. I used to round robin between fiction, non fiction and technical books. I realised that at certain times I feel like reading and learning something technical, at other times it is reading horror fiction and some other times I feel like reading a good non fiction or management book. I just used to block and not read as much during my round robin days. Challenging the notion has helped me get through the block and now I am more efficient at consuming books.


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