Going back to first principles

I have been a developer writing mostly web applications for the last 6 years. Though I can say, I know most common concepts of the 3 tier architecture comprising of  JavaScript, HTML, DOM, CSS, Java/C#, (N)Hibernate and SQL, I still can’t say that I know everything in depth (except Java and C#  to some extent). I can write a regular web app with all of these things plugged together, but my JavaScript will look far from awesome. For CSS and DOM manipulations I have to depend mostly on Google. For complicated SQL queries, again I have to look up to Google.  If  I use an ORM framework like hibernate, the chances of me creating an n+1 selects problem are really high.  However as far as general purpose languages are concerned, I am much more confident. I can write much better Java/C# than I can write JavaScript. After some introspection, I figured that there is a good reason for this. I have studied the Java and C# languages from scratch. For Java, I have read the SCJP book when I took my Sun Certified Java Programmer exam (today I don’t believe in certifications, but that was another time 3 years ago). For C# I have read (at least more than half of)  CLR via C#. The CLR book is more of an advanced guide, but since I had prior Java and C# experience, it helped. Recently I am playing around with Ruby and I have read the free e-book on Ruby. It is hardly surprising that I am pretty much at home with a few General Purpose Programming languages. For the record, I haven’t read a single book on how Javascript, SQL, HTML/DOM or Hibernate work. All my knowledge has accumulated by reading blogs and  StackOverflow. I have read three books on one slice of the 3 tier architecture and zero on the other two. Therefore I have decided to bridge that gap, by reading one book on each technology that I have ignored for so many years. I will start with JavaScript (which is swiftly on it’s way up as a mainstream language).  I have bought the book Object Oriented JavaScript on Amazon. It has got good reviews from most people on the internet. Game On!


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