People still don’t know how to write resumes

When I look at some profiles on Linked in, it makes me cringe. People write statements like. ‘A highly committed professional with 10 years of experience’. There are 2 problems with this statement

1. 10 years is going to roll over to eleven (I bet 9 out of ten people will forget to update it). I am sure when people go through your resume, they will calculate it for themselves if they need it.

2. The statement that you are highly committed is an opinion and not a hard fact. Such statements should come from other people and not from you.

The other common praises are:

Excellent project management and team building skills:  This one is commonly found in Project manager resumes. Again, I think this should come from a team member and if it does then it is an big compliment for a project manager.

Strong knowledge of a Java/.Net etc: This one is a common developer statement (though can be found on other roles too). The word strong is again subjective and also means that somebody else is stronger ;-). It is however important to mention your technical skill sets. Using fancy adjectives is not going to make your case stronger.

Excellent Communication Skills: This one is simply just beats me. I think every job in the world needs good communication skills. It can be measured only when you talk to me. Putting it in your resume doesn’t mean anything. I might just overlook that important scala experience that you mentioned right at the bottom (which I actually be a deal maker for me).

And the consolation prizes go to, client focussed (you better be), delivery focussed (why else are we paying you for), good interpersonal skills (Oh thanks for mentioning that, I thought you might be a psychopath) and the best one ever, Was very active in theatre during university (will work if the job you are applying for is related to the performing arts, for a software developer it means absolutely nothing)

Recruiters usually look for keywords in a resume. Making it look beautiful is just going to add to the clutter and may sometimes hide a keyword (rather than emphasize it). Everybody hates reading long resumes. In India, we are taught letter writing at school. I think they should introduce resume writing too.  Again this is my personal opinion (of course it is, because this a blog… that was an unnecessary statement wasn’t it ?)



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