Sania and Saina (Media killed the tennis star)

The two words seem alike at first glance, but are two very different people. One is the best women’s badminton player that India has ever produced and the other is India’s best shot at Anna Kournikova (well … she’s tried her best to match Anna’s dimensions and utter incompetence when it comes to tennis ).  Saina Nehwal is an epitome of hard work and never say die attitude. She has recognized her mistakes early and is getting better and better every game. What makes her even greater is that she focuses only on her game and not other games (or players).  Sania Mirza is a concept created by the media. No sooner does she win a match (even if it is against some crappy unranked player), the media is all over the place showering praise on her.  She is too lazy to change her game, but wants to be in the limelight. So now she has invented a new way of being in the limelight, she’s married a controversial Pakistani player. One section in the sports section of the Times of India dedicated to you ma’ m. Today she got kicked out of the first round in Wimbledon, and it’s news again. I feel she should play for Pakistan, at least we’ ll offload our liability on Pakistan. When Saina Nehwal won the Singapore Masters on Sunday, there was a small section on the TOI’s last page. The surprising fact though is that, there was a bigger section on the Sania-Shoaib relationship. Guys put some Ads, make some money. Why waste your time on stale news? All the Indian guys who had a crush on her are left with a bad taste in their mouths after she married Shoaib Malik. The media has also killed many cricketers by giving them undue importance and making them see stars in the mirror, when there weren’t any. The media must be more unbiased to a sport or player when they report, otherwise we ‘ll never win in any sport.


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