my nearest encounter with terror and a thrilling game of t20

We were quite upbeat about the IPL tie between Mumbai Indians and RCB yesterday morning. Why wouldn’t we be – We had got 5 club lounge tickets like the week before and RCB had won a cracking victory last time round we were at the Chinnaswamy. We hired a cab to drop us to the stadium. This was my mom’s first cricket stadium experience and my wife’s second. The women were more interested in Deepika Padukone and Nita Ambani than Sachin Tendulkar’s hitting. Just after, we got off from the cab, we heard a loud explosion just meters away at Anil Kumble circle. A traffic cop tried to calm things down by saying that it was a fire cracker. He had great presence of mind to do so, since the last thing you want is a stampede in peak traffic. I had my reservations on the cracker theory, since it sounded very different from any cracker that I’ve ever heard, plus who would fire such a loud one in the middle of upmarket MG road and that too at three in the afternoon. We walked towards Gate no 1, and had no problems getting into the Pavilion P2. The atmosphere was electric and we saw the players practicing. But after sometime, we realized that the match was delayed. The reason was said to be unforeseen circumstances. We just prayed that everything was ok and wanted to believe in some rumours floating around saying that it was a blast in the generator room. I thought maybe a generator blast would make such a huge noise that we heard, But a generator room at Anil Kumble circle for the Chinnaswamy? That somehow didn’t fit in. So waited and waited in style. We feasted on the Mumbai cuisine at the Club Lounge. There was Bhaji Paav(for the Veggies), Kheema Paav, Egg Bhurji, Fish Koliwada and a Mumbai style Chutney Sandwich. Except for the sandwich, everything was delicious, especially the Fish Koliwada. I had never eaten it, in the 9 years that I lived in Mumbai. The oil in it has screwed my throat up and I am contemplating taking my first sick leave of the year. :(Coming back to the match, after rumours that it would be a fifteen over a side encounter, it was finally announced that it would a full 20 overs a side game and that the game would start at five. We were overjoyed that our outing was just not about the food and there was some quality cricket to be relished. Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun was sitting in our stand and the cameraman made quite a few trips to our stand. Such was his skill that he avoided almost everyone else except Arjun. Some over eager budding celebs tried in vain to come on TV. They say Cricket is a religion in India and yesterday I believed. People just forgot about the blast and were engaged in the game. Who cares about a mundane blast, when Sachin their God himself was playing. The match was an anti-climax for us RCB fans and we returned before the match ended. It was after watching the news that I came to know that there were 2 blasts and one bomb set to go off at eight near gate no 8 was defused. Today I hear that more explosives were found at gate no 1, the very gate we entered. It was a closer shave than I thought. The actions of the authorities were commendable. They did not panic and took the right decision to let the match continue. It had two advantages. Number one, had they cancelled the match the fans who paid the money would have agitated and it could have triggered violence or even a stampede. Number two, it sent a clear message to the perpetrators that India was not intimidated and it was business as usual. In the end it was the spirit of India that won the game yesterday.


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  1. have you written article for a newspaper?? If not you should really give it a thought. Reading thees were more interesting and informative than the crappy articles in newspaper !!

    Cheers dude…keep up the good work

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